A diversely disciplined creative collective.

The northern entrance to the Tannen Tunnel, in Neutannen (Wengen), Atteca

Since 2020, the Taeko & Co. Creative Collective has been an outlet for its
members to exercise their manifold forms of creative expression and
hobbies, be it posters, logos, architecture, or even urban planning. We
can do all this through the medium of our Minecraft server; the beginning
of our project. Here, three countries spearhead server development:
Atteca, Lyria, and Swarovski. These countries each contain their own
architecture, industry, and culture. We boast a serverwide network of
roads and railway lines.

We would love to help you with your next project with our plethora of
skills. For business inquiries, please visit the commisions page.

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Latest Posts

  • Designing a Minecraft Expressway with AutoCAD

    Designing a Minecraft Expressway with AutoCAD Taeko & Co. has always been a very road-oriented server, with the first technology (piston + pressure plate) for driving uphill with boats on ice roads being introduced serverwide in August of 2020. More recently, our roads are now made of terracotta, and the piston and pressure plate systemContinue reading “Designing a Minecraft Expressway with AutoCAD”

  • Mod Downloads

    Mod Downloads for the T&C Minecraft Server (1.19.2) Taeko & Co relies on a a variety of mods to work as it does. Some mods, although not many, are required by the client. Most of these mods are simply extras, which for many of T&C’s members are essential. Ensure you have the latest version ofContinue reading “Mod Downloads”

  • A History of T&C Logos

    A History of T&C Logos In Taeko & Co’s two and a half years, we’ve gone through a few iterations of logos, each time being updated to better reflect the entire project. Every logo has been made “in house”, including the latest logo, a proud product of the Grafik Dsign Club. Taeko & Co’s CurrentContinue reading “A History of T&C Logos”