The Taeko & Co Website

by felix remi cordone, a.k.a. taeko

welcome to my website. honestly it's mostly about my minecraft server, but there is sometimes other stuff.

Taeko & Co now has a wiki! avaliable here

along with my friends, i run the taeko & co minecraft server. as of when this was written, it's been an entire year in the making (so far), and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. the server's whitelist only, so if you know me, there's a good chance you're already whitelisted, or if you want to play then just ask, me or Lprd245 can whitelist you.
we do pretty much anything on our server, from cities to industrial districts, building projects and everything in between. we spend probably more time than we should in minecraft, but it's fun, so, yeah.
we have some really creative & smart builders on our server, so if you're interested then check out the maps and pictures!
i also plan to do a part of this website where i describe the history and whatnot as well as what it's currently like of each city / area, so come back for that soon.

maps & cartography

i regularly update & create new maps of the server. i try to do it once a month at least, but the release schedule isn't very constant.
and i kinda skipped an entire half year, but that has its own reasons.

regular maps

regular players:








a huge thanks to everyone who plays on the server, you make the server as great & fun as it is!

& a special thanks to cubisima for hosting, check out his server skysucht, it's the biggest swiss minecraft server!

learning how to drive in switzerland (DE)

i made this website to catalog my experience getting an A1 (125cc motorcycles) license in switzerland

*it is currently only avaliable in german!*

hier geht's zur webseite






you could visit my youtube channel here

So, who is "taeko"?

"Taeko" (タエ子), pronounced "tai-co" is a japanese name. i am not japanese.

this is the origin of the name.

thanks for checking out the taeko & co website!

日本語を学んでいる, でも今はちょっとブレッキを知っています!

this is a placeholder, idk what to write here

last update: 24 september 2021
a special thanks to cubisima for hosting!