Signalization on Attecan Roads (Old)

Update May 2023 : Many standards on this page have since been updated or replaced. This page is in the process of being rewritten, but will remain online as-is until then.

§1. Preword

The purpose of road signalization is to guarantee easy and correct usage of roadways. A well designed system is easy to understand and to learn. Atteca’s road signage has undergone many updates since roads were first introduced in October of 2020. Now, as boats are taking the prominent role in short to medium distance travel, good signage is more important than ever. For this reason, Lprd245 & I are reforming the signage, based on the early 2022 reform.

§2. Typeface

The typeface used for all signs is the SNV (Schweizerische Normenverein) font. It features concise, modern and ledgible characters.

For signs where only numbers are displayed, a modified & custom version of the Swiss Licence Plate font is used.

§3. Units

Meters (= length of 1 block) are used for all distance measurements. This is because blocks have a major shortcoming, that is that the diagonal of the block is equal to sqrt(2) blocks. When using blocks (blk), the distance is counted as the amount of blocks (for example in building) needed to complete the distance. Therefore, depending on the direction, the actual objective length in meters (m) may be different.

§4. Colors

Colors are important in aiding the readablity of signs. Atteca adapts these 3 general, base color schemes:

Side Roads & General Signage : #fff, #000, #000

Main Roads : #33456A, #fff, #EC9E3C

Expressways : #0F3D21, #fff, #EC9E3C

§5. Directional Signs

An overview of directional signs in the following table.

§a. Side Roads§b. Main Roads§c. Expressways
§1. In/At Intersection
see “color coding” section

Standard intersection

Level seperated intersections

Splitting of Expressways

Expressway Exit
§2. Before Intersection
Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 1

Variant 2

Splitting of Expressways

Expressway Exit
§3 .Intersection AnnouncementNot Applicable, use 2a Not Applicable, use 2b
Exit Announcement, usually 500m before
§4. Distance TablesNot Applicable

Other types of directional signs may be created if needed, but an effort should be made to stick to the conventions above.

§6. Color Coding

To simplify intersections inside of cities, a special color coding is used, whereby each possible direction (excluding U-Turns/turning around) is labled with a color.

Variant 1 (§1)Variant 2 (§2)
Arrow signs -> §6.1.a, §6.2.a, Before-intersection signs -> §6.1.b, §6.2.b

The bottom before-intersection signs, 6.1.b & 6.2.b, (replaces 5.2.a, variant 1 & 2) are not always used.

The arrow signs take the place of 5.1.a

Color coding can only be used on side roads.

§7. Warning & Information Signs

SignDescription & Usage
Speed Limits/Recommendations
The limit should be set so that it does not change very much. In a city, the base limit is 50 km/h, outside of a city it is 100 km/h, and on expressways it is 120 km/h.
Pedestrian Crossing
Usually accompanied by orange/white marking on the road.
Horse Traffic Crossing
Where horse and boat traffic is seperated and must cross, this sign indicates the crossing.
Bend in direction of arrow
Can be accompanied by yellow blocks on the side of the road.
Narrowing of road
Traffic merging from side
Other warning
Accompanied by sign explaining danger, usually construction
Traffic control light, arrows showing location of danger/warning
Traffic returns to two way after one way zone. Keep left.
Snow may cover roadway. Only used on blue ice paved roads.
Manditory usage of lighting, if player is using optifine
Lane usage indicators.
Green = Open
Yellow = Move in direction
Red X = Closed, do not use
Used often in tunnels to simplify driving lanes
Mandatory direction. Yellow/red chevron indicates road edge.
Give way to traffic on intersecting road.
End of restrictions. Overtaking & standard speed limit are permitted.
Parking area
Begin/End Expressway with at least 2 lanes per direction. Speed limit 120 km/h.
Begin/End Expressway with less than 2 lanes per direction or unsegregated directions. Speed limit 100 km/h.
Example of additional explination sign. Text should be in the local language, for general and multipurpose signs in english and german.

Overview on road markings & in-game objects coming soon.

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