Mod Downloads

Mod Downloads for the T&C Minecraft Server (1.19.2) Taeko & Co relies on a a variety of mods to work as it does. Some mods, although not many, are required by the client. Most of these mods are simply extras, which for many of T&C’s members are essential. Ensure you have the latest version ofContinue reading “Mod Downloads”

A History of T&C Logos

A History of T&C Logos In Taeko & Co’s two and a half years, we’ve gone through a few iterations of logos, each time being updated to better reflect the entire project. Every logo has been made “in house”, including the latest logo, a proud product of the Grafik Dsign Club. Taeko & Co’s CurrentContinue reading “A History of T&C Logos”

Metro Wengen Map

Metro Wengen Maps Metro Wengen is a metro network in the city of Wengen. It is currently under construction. This is a list of every iteration of the metro plan/map and a description of the changes. -Newest-10.Nov.2022- The second version of the plan adds the lines M4 and M5. The M4 will serve the southContinue reading “Metro Wengen Map”

Historic Taeko & Co Maps

Historic Taeko & Co Maps As long as the server has existed, we’ve been mapping it. Since April 2020, the server has grown significantly, and the best way of seeing it is through the maps. Here is a collection of every released and unreleased Taeko & Co Server Map. September 2020 October 2020 Gap 2020/2021Continue reading “Historic Taeko & Co Maps”

TCSeasons Mod

TCSeasons Mod # TCSeasonsMod By Taeko, initially developed for the Taeko & Co Server. Supports Fabric Servers, version 1.19.x ### I am aware that this mod uses overwrites and that this is bad practice. It (mostly) is not permanent ๐Ÿ˜‰ ## What is this mod? Ever wanted to have that wintery feeling in Minecraft whenContinue reading “TCSeasons Mod”


Force Force is equal to mass times acceleration. It is measured in Newtons. F = ma

Pressure (Mechanics)

Pressure Classical Mechanics Pressure is defined as force per surface area, in SI units Newton per square Meter.