Mod Downloads

Mod Downloads for the T&C Minecraft Server (1.19.2)

Taeko & Co relies on a a variety of mods to work as it does. Some mods, although not many, are required by the client. Most of these mods are simply extras, which for many of T&C’s members are essential.

Ensure you have the latest version of the Fabric Mod Loader for 1.19.2 installed:


The following mods are required to use the server. While it may be possible to join without them, large parts of the server will not work at all or not as expected.

  • Create 0.5
  • T&C Seasons Mod
  • Fabric API

Quality of Life

These mods generally enhance the experience of playing the game.

  • Modmenu
  • Litematica
  • MiniHUD
  • Tweakeroo
  • Malilib (Libraries)
  • WorldEdit (for the creative server)


These mods significantly boost performance, especially on slower computers. Don’t skip these!

  • Sodium
  • Phosphor
  • Indium
  • Spark (profiler)

Necessary Extras

These mods make Taeko & Co (specifically) much better.

  • TCBoatTweaker Ultra
  • Xaero’s Minimap
  • Xaero’s Worldmap

A History of T&C Logos

A History of T&C Logos

In Taeko & Co’s two and a half years, we’ve gone through a few iterations of logos, each time being updated to better reflect the entire project.

Every logo has been made “in house”, including the latest logo, a proud product of the Grafik Dsign Club.

Taeko & Co’s Current Logo, 12th December 2022

Proudly produced by the GDC (Grafik Dsign Club), this logo is T&C’s trendy new look. As is a recurring theme in each design, the main drawn element is the Atami Radio Tower, a tradition since the very first logo.

Our name is now stylized elegantly & simply “taeko&co.”, which is complimented by a heavy typeface, inspired by advertisements and posters of the 70’s and 80’s. The waves add a dynamic feeling to the logo.

November – December 2022

The pixel-y design was conceived on the creative test server unintentionally. It looked good enough, that it was decided it should be drawn up “properly”. Soon after, it replaced Taeko & Co’s aging old logo.

September 2021 – November 2022

Most of this logo is defined by new developments of the late 2021 server, namely the Atami-Atocha train station and the Lyria Tower. Additionally, an ice road was added, symbolizing the exploding expansion of ice paved roads on the server.

November 2020 – September 2021

Taeko & Co’s first proper logo. Intended for the planned T-Shirts of that year.

September – November 2020

Taeko & Co’s first logo, after being renamed from RMC (Retarded Minecrafters), intended to be temporary.