The Minecraft Server

The server is the original, and logically the longest ongoing, Taeko & Co project. It is a large world (10GB+) with many different regions, cities and builds.

Server Map

Custom Mod Downloads

All mods download as .zip archives and not .jar archives! This is due to limitations of the website platform. Please first decompress the download before putting the file in your mods folder.

The TCSeasons mod adds seasons to Minecraft in a simple way. The client mod is not required, but enhances the experience. It is used on the T&C server. Learn more. Source.

The TCBoatTweaker Ultra mod enables boats to go up packed & blue ice blocks. Client side only, may trigger anticheat! Learn more. Source.

List of Posts

  • Signalization on Attecan Roads

    Signalization on Attecan Roads ยง1. Preword The purpose of road signalization is to guarantee easy and correct usage of roadways. A well designed system is easy to understand and to learn. Atteca’s road signage has undergone many updates since roads were first introduced in October of 2020. Now, as boats are taking the prominent roleContinue reading “Signalization on Attecan Roads”

  • Historic Taeko & Co Maps

    Historic Taeko & Co Maps As long as the server has existed, we’ve been mapping it. Since April 2020, the server has grown significantly, and the best way of seeing it is through the maps. Here is a collection of every released and unreleased Taeko & Co Server Map. September 2020 October 2020 Gap 2020/2021Continue reading “Historic Taeko & Co Maps”

  • TCSeasons Mod

    TCSeasons Mod # TCSeasonsMod By Taeko, initially developed for the Taeko & Co Server. Supports Fabric Servers, version 1.19.x ### I am aware that this mod uses overwrites and that this is bad practice. It (mostly) is not permanent ๐Ÿ˜‰ ## What is this mod? Ever wanted to have that wintery feeling in Minecraft whenContinue reading “TCSeasons Mod”