Historic Taeko & Co Maps

As long as the server has existed, we’ve been mapping it. Since April 2020, the server has grown significantly, and the best way of seeing it is through the maps.

Here is a collection of every released and unreleased Taeko & Co Server Map.

April 2020 – The first map export of the server
May 5 2020 – The first dated & drawn map. Depicted is mostly roadway plans.
May 10 2020 – This is the first map to include Atami
25 June 2020 – Due to our minimap mod not supporting 1.16 at the time, this month’s release had to be using a seedmap screenshot.
~August 2020 – Seedmap also used here
In year 2020 – A planned transit network

September 2020

October 2020

Gap 2020/2021

Between October 2020 and April 2021 there is a gap, where I was not online for a while.

22 April 2021 – A city map of Atami
1 July 2021

19 September 2021

September 2021 – Present

In Mid-September 2021, we began experimenting with BlueMap and later Dynmap. While BlueMap was extremely detailed and featured impressive mapping abilites, it utimately ran too slowly, which lead us to implement Dynmap, the mod we still use today for the current, live map.

However, due to the recently formed City Council of Wengen (Wengener Stadtrat), drawn maps may become necessary again to accurately label streets and areas in the city. Detailed maps, like those on this page, will no longer be possible, because the country has grown so much in size. A possibility would be to divide the country into 4×4, so 16 theoretically different maps. Of course Atteca is much taller than it is wide, so only around 10 or so would be required.

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